Coconut oil - how it's made and where you can use it for

Published on 27 April 2019 at 19:27

We had the honour to witness how pure natural coconut oil was made and are happy to be able to share this with you. The pictures and video's in this blogpost were made in Lovina, a city in the north of the beautiful island Bali. The coconut oil was made by local people in the garden where the coconut palms grow. The whole process takes a few hours, therefor we were only able to witness the part upon the cooking. 

How to make coconut oil at home or in the field?

You need quite a few coconuts to make a bottle of coconut oil. Once you have gathered about 10 of them you can start to open up the shell and collect the coconut flesh. The flesh then needs to be grated. After grating all 10 coconuts you need to knead the grated coconut flesh. Due to the grating and kneading the coconut milk is released. The coconut milk is the base of the coconut oil. Collect the milk in a pan and filter the remaning grating coconut flesh by wringing it out. Now the milk together with fresh water needs to be heated to 100 degrees Celcius and then it needs to be cooked for 3 hours. During this process the oil, which at this moment is still part of the coconut milk, will be released and will seperate itself from the liquid substance and will float on top, so that you can collect and bottle it. Sometimes pure curcumin is added to the coconut oil, this creates a yellow color. 100% pure coconut oil is transparant when it is in its liquid state and will turn white after it cools down. 

How to store coconut oil?

The Balinese people use coconut oil on a daily basis and only produce the amount they need for about a month. If you have a larger amount or only used it once in a while you need to store your oil chilled. You can store it in a plastic or glass bottle. We prefer glass 😊.

For what purposes can coconut oil be used?

Coconut oil can be used for many different purposes. It can be used for cooking as a replacement for other types of oil and butter. It can also be used as massage oil. You can use it as aftershave, however the disadvantage is that your hair will grow back faster. It is perfect to nuroush dry and damaged hair and also helps it grow faster. Coconut oil also functions as a sunblock and after sun lotion.

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