Frequently asked questions

Below you will find hopefully the answers to your questions. If after reading this page you still have some unanswered questions please contact our customer support and they will be more then willing to help you out!


  1. How do I create a My PURC account?
    Go to to create a My PURC account. 

  2. I want my account to be removed.
    If you want us to remove your account you can contact us by e-mail and us know that you want us to remove your account. We will make sure your account will be removed within 3 business days. You will receive a confirmation as soon as your account has been removed.

Order & Delivery

  1. When will I receive my package?
    If you live in the Netherlands your package will arrive within 3 business days. Do you live in Belgium or Germany then delivery will take about 7 business days. For other parts of Europe delivery is within 14 days. The rest of world is within 30 days. 

  2. I did not receive my package within the mentioned period of time, what do I do now?
    If you have not received your package within the delivery time mentioned in question 1 please contact our customer service and we will try to track your package or come with an appropriate sollution. 

  3. The product I want to order is out of stock, what do I do now?
    We try to restock our products in time, but sometimes delays in shipment or a sudden increase in demand can cause a product to be temporarily out of stock. If that is the case, please send us an e-mail with the name of the product and we will let you know when the item is restocked.

  4. I did not receive all the items I ordered. 
    We are so sorry to hear that and offer our sincere appologies. Please let us know what item is missing and we will make sure it is send to you as soon as possible.

  5. Can I cancel my order?
    Of course. If your order hasn't been shipped yet we will cancel the order and send your money back immediately. If your order is already shipped we kindly ask you to return it to us as stated below. 

  6. I received the wrong item.
    We are very sorry to hear you have received the wrong item. Please let us know by e-mail which item you have received and we will inform you further. 

  7. What do you use to package the products?
    We choose to pack our products in an eco-friendly way, by using old newspapers and (recycled) cardboard boxes to avoid the use of plastic and promote recycling. If the item is small and light we use envelopes.

  8. Can I pick up my order?
    Yes, you can. If you choose to pick up your order there are of course no delivery costs. The pick up location is in Heerlen. Please contact us to set up a time and date for the pick up. 

  9. What are the shipping costs?
    The shipping costs vary per country, size and weight. We only charge the costs we have to pay ourselves. We always try to give our customers the best and cheapest shipping method. Below you can find the cost per country and package size:


    -free pick up in Heerlen, the Netherlands
    -mailbox package: € 4,00
    -delivery to DPD pick-up point: € 4,50
    -DHL Parcel: € 5,75

    -free delivery over €50,00 (by shipping company of our choice)

    EU Zone 1 (Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Luxemburg, Italy, Sweden, Austria, UK & Denmark)
    -small package: € 13,00
    -medium size package: € 19,50
    -large package: € 25,00
    -free delivery over €75,00 (by shipping company of our choice)

    EU Zone 2 (Bulgaria, Estionia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Faeroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Ukraine, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Vatican City, Belarus and Switzerland.
    -small package: € 18,50
    -medium size package: € 25,00
    -large package: € 31,00

    -free delivery over €99,00 (by shipping company of our choice)

    Other Countries
    -small package: € 24,00
    -medium size package: € 34,30
    -large package: € 58,30
    -free delivery over €150,00 (by shipping company of our choice)

Return & Exchange

  1. Can I return my product?
    Of course you can*! Within 30 days after receipt of the product you can return it to the address below:
    Sittarderweg 100
    6412 CK Heerlen
    the Netherlands

    *There however some exeptions. If the package is opened or damaged or if the product is already used you cannot return the item. 

  2. When do I receive my money back?
    We will send you a refund within 3 business days after we have received your return parcel.

  3. Which items cannot be returned?
    Items that are used or damaged cannot be returned. Items that are seperately packed must have an intact packaging, otherwise we cannot offer you a full refund. 


  1. Is it possible to receive a VAT invoice?
    Of course. We send all our customers an invoice via e-mail. The invoice will have the VAT mentioned. If necessary we can alter the invoice for you at your request. Please send your request by mail to:

  2. How do I become a reseller?                                                                           
    Glad to hear you would like to become a reseller of our brand. Please send an e-mail to and we will be in touch.

Service & Contact

  1. How do I contact customer support?
    Our customer support can be reached via e-mail, WhatsApp or Facebook 7 days a week from 08:00-21:00 CET.

  2. I have a complaint
    If you are not happy with the product you have received or the service we offered, please let us know right away. We will do our best to help you the way we can. You can contact us by e-mail, WhatsApp or Facebook.

  3. Is there a physical store that I can visit?
    Yes, we have a mini-shop in the Jouw Marktkraam Store in Maastricht, the address can be found below. 

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