PURC Dye wax Gold



 24-hour hold

 style and color

 create your own unique look

For what can I use PURC Dye Wax Gold?

PURC Dye Wax Gold is a color wax that can be used to style and color your hair up to 24 hours. Style your hair like you would do with regular wax. The color gold will create a royal look.

How long does the styling and color of the PURC Dye wax last? 

The styling and gold color will last up to 24 hours.

How do I use the PURC Dye wax color wax?

You can apply the PURC Dye Wax Gold to towel dry or dry hair just like any other wax. Applying more wax will give you a more intense color.

Is it easy to wash the PURC Dye Wax Gold out of my hair? 

Yes it is very easy to wash PURC Dye Wax Gold out of your hair. Wash your hair with for example one of our shampoo bars and the wax will rinse out quick.

What do I do when I get Gold Dye Wax on my face?

If you get Dye wax on your face just use regular make-up remover and it will come off quick and smoothly.

Will you always have PURC Dye Wax Gold in stock?

We try to keep enough of the PURC Dye wax Gold color in stock. If we have an unexpected increase in sales, it might occur that the color Gold is sold out. In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask about the restock date.


100 ml Gold PURC Dye wax


Deionized water, natural cetostearyl alcohol, single and double stearic acid glycerol ester, leveling agent, water quality stabilizer, hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric acid.

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