Bamboo dishwashing brush small

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✔ Zero waste

✔ Durable 

✔ Pleasant grip

Small Bamboo dishwash brush 

Use this zero waste, eco-friendly Small Bamboo dishwashing brush to clean your day to day dishes. Besides using it to clean your dishes you can also use (another) one to clean your muddy boots and dirty shoes and it can even be used to clean your tools. 

Why use a Bamboo dishwashing brush instead of a regular plastic dishwashing brush?

Regular dishwashing brushes are made from plastic and not environmentally friendly at all. Bamboo on the other hand is a natural product and is eco-friendly and very durable. The Bamboo dishwashing brush also has a very pleasant round grip, unlike most plastic dishwashing brushes, where the handle is very hard and rectangular. 

Where is the Bamboo dishwash brush made from?

This Bamboo dishwashing brush is made from Bamboo, recycled PET bristle and recycled polypropylene (PP), also known as polypropene.

Content & size

You will receive 1 Small Bamboo dishwash brush from 9cm x 6,5cm. 

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