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Corn starch toothpicks


100% natural corn toothpicks

Clean your teath with these 100% natural Cornstarch toothpicks. A good oral hygiene is very important, it will keep your teeth clean and strong and prevents caries. 

How often do I need to use a Cornstarch Toothpick?

We advise you to use a Cornstarch toothpick after each meal. But at least after eating meat or other types of food that tend to leave bits between your teeth.  

Where are these Cornstarch toothpicks made from?

These toothpicks are made from 100% natural cornstarch, without any added ingredients. You could even eat them 😉. 

Content & Size

You will receive one package of Cornstarch toothpicks, the toothpicks are 6,4 cm long.