Luffa multi-use sponge

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✔ 100% natural

✔ Vegan

✔ Zero waste

✔ Biodegradable

What is Luffa?

Luffa also spelled loofah is a cucumber-like zucchini plant that produces spongy fruits. They can be eaten only when harvested at a young stage. When the fruit is fully ripened it cannot be eaten anymore since it is very fibrous. When you want to use it for cleaning you have to wait for it to be fully ripened before you harvest the fruit. After harvesting it, you need to let it dry. Once dried it can be used as a cleaning sponge.

How do I use the Luffa multi-use sponge?

The Luffa multi-use sponge is dry and feels unpleasant at first, you do not use it to before softening it in lukewarm or hot water. After it is soft you can use it to wash your body, wash dishes, clean your bathroom, kitchen, tables and floors.

Use it on your skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate your blood circulation. It makes your skin soft and smooth. We advice you to wash your body with one of your 100% natural shampoo bars.

After using the sponge you simply rinse it with clean warm water and let it dry again untill you need to use it again.

What are the benefits of a Luffa multi-use sponge versus a regular  sponge?

A zero waste Luffa multi-use sponge is long lasting, 100% natural, vegan, eco-friendly and biodegradable unlike regular cleaning sponges. By using the Luffa multi-use sponge you decrease the amount of waste you produce and with that you contribute to a better and healthier environment. 

How do I dispose the Luffa multi-use sponge?

After a while the Luffa multi-use sponge will become unsuable, it then needs to be disposed. Since it is a fruit, you can simply dispose it with your other green waste. 

What is the size of the Luffa multi-use sponge?

The Luffa multi-use sponge is 7.5cm in length and 5 cm in diameter.

Where is the Luffa multi-use sponge made of?

The Luffa multi-use sponge consists of 100% natural Luffa, no added substances. 


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