Staple-free stapler



 Made from recycled plastic

 Never use staples again

You never have to buy staples again!

This Staple-free stapler replaces your current stapler, but with the huge benefit of never having to buy staples ever again. This environmental-friendly alternative uses an origami technique to fold the papers together without using staples. It can attach up to 5 papers at once, depending on the thickness of the pages. 

Why use this Staple-free stapler in stead of a regular stapler?

A regular stapler needs metal staples to function, these of course need to be bought aside from the stapler which results in higher expenses. Also the metal staples often tend to malfunction and replacing them can be tricky somethimes. With this Staple-free stapler you never have to buy, refill or replace staples ever again. It saves money and reduces waste. If every office clerk in a country the size of the Netherlands would use just one staple less per day, we would reduce 23 tons of metal waste per year. By using this Staple-free stapler you help the environment and your own wallet, it's a win - win situation. Besides these benefits it is also a lot safer then regular stapler and can therefor be used by children as well.

Where is this Staple -free stapler made from?

This Staple-free stapler is made from durable recycled plastic. 

Content & Size

You will receive 1 Staple-free stapler of 6 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm. 


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