Bamboo fiber sponge


✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Durable

✔ Highly absorbent

Soft Bamboo fiber sponges

Anti-grease bamboo fiber sponge to be used for cleaning or washing dishes. It is very soft and durable and can be used for many purposes, for example cleaning your bathroom or your kitchen, but also to wash your dishes and even to clean your car. 

Why use a Bamboo fiber sponge in stead of a regular sponge?

A zero waste Bamboo fiber sponge is environmentally friendly, flexible, durable, highly absorbent and can be used on all surfaces. We advise you to use an eco-friendly detergent to wash your dishes and an eco-friendly polish to clean your house and car. It can however also be used with regular detergent or polish. Regular sponges are less durable and not environmentally friendly at all. 

Where is this Bamboo fiber sponge made from?

This Bamboo sponge consists of 100% pure natural bamboo fiber and foam.

Content & Size?

You will receive 1 Bamboo fiber sponger in the color of your choice (the real color might be slightly different from the color in the picture). The Bamboo fiber sponge is 8 cm x 13,5 cm.


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