Avocado food hugger



 Environmentally friendly

 Preserves freshness and taste

Keep your healthy food fresh longer!

Avocado is very healthy and nutricious, somethimes you only need to use part of this delicious fruit and you want to store the other part for another day. Using a zero waste Avocado hugger keeps your avocado fresh longer and preserves the taste. The Avocado food huggers can be used with or without the pit.

Why use an Avocado hugger in stead of a plastic alternative?

An Avocado hugger can be reused over and over again and does not need to be thrown away. Normally you might use plastic foil or a plastic sandwich bag and after using it once you will throw it away. By replacing these plastic alternatives with this silicone Avocado hugger you reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce, which safes money and helps the environment. Join the zero waste community!

Where are these Avocado huggers made from?

The Avocado huggers are made from 100% durable silicone. 

Content & Size

You will receive not 1 but 2 avocado huggers. The biggest one is 134 mm x 99 mm and the smaller one is 109,5 mm x 99 mm. The 2 sizes can be used for small and large avocados. 


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