Reusable silicone oven liner

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What are the benefits of using a Reusable silicone oven liner versus regular backing paper?

Our zero waste silicone oven liner is reusable, since it can be washed after use there is no need to throw it away unlike regular backing paper. It is also very strong and durable and will not tear like regular backing paper. Regular backing paper is much more fragile and cannot be washed, therefor it can only be used once. After using a regular piece of backing paper, for example to grill some vegetables in the oven you will dispose it. Depending on how often you will use your oven for backing or grilling food the amount of backing paper you use in a year can be quite high. Imagine how much waste you create in a lifetime by using backing paper on a daily or weekly basis? By using a reusable silicone oven liner in stead you produce a lot less waste and this is very good for the environment. Our silicone oven liner is  resistant to high temperatures, with a maximum of 230 °C  and it does not stick to your food. Besides washing it by hand you can also clean the silicone oven liner in the dishwasher, quite convenient right? Due to the pyramid shaped design of the oven liner the oil drips of the food, this means your food does not simmer in the grease and this makes the food healthier as well. 

Where can I use the Reusable silicone oven liner for?

You can use it to replace regular backing paper. You can bake for example some cookies or grill meat or vegetables in the oven. It can also be used as a pans coaster. After using it you clean it with hot water or in your dishwasher and then roll it up to store it in your drawer. 

Is it safe to use a silicone oven liner for food?

Our silicone oven liner is non-toxic and tasteless and therefor safe to use and environmentally friendly.

What is the size of the Reusable silicone oven liner?

Our silicone oven liner is: 15 × 15 cm in size.

Which materials are used to make this Reusable silicone oven liner?

Our silicone oven liner is made of 100% silicone.


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