Recycled paper pencils


✔ Made from recycled paper

✔ Eco-friendly

✔ Zero waste

HB drawing or writing pencil made from recycled paper

Whether you want to make a drawing or just use it for making a cross word puzzle, this zero waste Recycled Paper Pencil can do the trick. It has a very confortable grip and is environmentally friendly. 

Why use Pencils made from recycled paper in stead of regular pencils?

Regular pencils are made from wood and covered in a layer of colored plastic. These zero waste Recycled Paper Pencils are made from recycled news papers and are therefor eco-friendly. There is no plastic or color added to these pencils which means no artificial substances and most importantly no plastic. We care for our environment and we hope you do too.

Where are the Recycle Paper Pencils made from?

These Recycled paper pencil are made of old Chinese newspaper by machine rolling. 

Content & Size

You will receive one Recycled Paper Pencil with a diameter of about 7 mm and a length of about 174 mm.


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