PURC hair growth oil

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✔ Prevents hair loss

✔ Stimulates hair growth

✔ Ginger extract

For whome is this product?

PURC Hair growth essence oil is for people who suffer from hair loss and for people with thin hair. The product is not suitable for pregnant women and children.

How to use PURC Hair growth essence oil?

Due to the high concentration of this product, do not apply it to the scalp directly. Please mix it with shampoo before use. Preferably with the PURC Thickening shampoo. Approximately 1 drop is enough depending on the surface you are planning on applying it to.


1 spray bottle of 20 ml.


Ginger extract, Ginseng extract, Fleeceflower Root, Grape seed oil, Glycerol, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben and Rosemary Oil.

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