CHOCQLATE organic chocolate Strawberry

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Plastic free packaging

CHOCQLATE Strawberry

The "Q" in CHOCQLATE is not a typo, it stands for the special quality of cocoa. They are the only chocolate company to integrate completely natural cocoa beans - harvested directly from the tree and freshly dried, barely fermented and without roasting - in fine cocoa vegan chocolate bars.

  • 69% cocoa content
  • proportionately 14% raw cocoa beans (raw food quality)
  • without refined sugar
  • without lactose, without lecithins  VEGAN!!!
  • produced with 100% solar energy

Content & size

You will receive 75 grams off super delicious organic chocolate with pieces of dried strawberries inside. 

Ingredients & packaging

Cocoa butter *, coconut blossom sugar *, cocoa *, unroasted and ground cocoa beans *, dried strawberries * (5%).

* from organic farming 

Foil inside made of cellulose / without plastic.

The entire packaging is 100% recyclable.