BIO Freezer & Food Bags 2 liter

  • Biodegradable
  • GMO and microplastic free
  • Made in Estland

Compostable 2-Liter Food & Freezer Bags

Biobag biodegradable freezer bags are completely food-safe and contain no microplastics or unnatural ingredients. You can reuse these bags to dispose of or to compost organic/food waste. This freezer bag selection box gives you a variety of sizes to choose from.

Our customers trust our BioBag range so you can too. This new innovative product has been tried, tested and approved and we are confident you won’t want to try another brand once you have tried our freezer bags.

You can reuse these freezer bags to store food or collect organic waste to compost completely. Our BioBag range is 100% compostable and biodegradable, leaving no residue behind.

BioBag’s biodegradable freezer bags are certified for 100% composting at home and high temperatures in an industrial composting setting. These bags do not contain any plastic or microplastics and are truly environmentally friendly.

Made from high-quality and sustainable ingredients our freezer bags are truly compostable with 90% of the bags breaking down within 3 months. The sources for the ingredients are pure and are made up of resins from non-genetically modified plants. Only the non-edible part of plants are used in the ingredients of these freezer bags- no food wasted. Add these innovative, eco-friendly freezer bags to your cart.


+ Certified 100% compostable
+ Made with completely natural plant-based and renewable resources
+ Compostable freezer bags can be composted in an organic waste composting bin
+ Certified for industrial composting
+ Composts completely without residue
+ Transparent bags, quick and easy to easily see contents
+ Convenient tie-handles
+ Strong and lasts longer than competitor brands
+ Completely food safe
+ GMO and microplastic free
+ No plastic or microplastics
+ Easy to use and access

Content and size

You will receive one roll = 35 bags of 2 Liter Food & Freezer bags.