Safety razor


✅ Durable

✅ Zero waste

✅ Titanium

How to use the safety razor?

Do you want to know how to use this safety razor? Please follow the instructions below:  

1. Before you start shaving your beard and or moustache, wash your face with warm water and apply shaving soap, keep the face foam, and then scrape it to avoid scratching.

2. After shaving the beard, rinse the slag on the knife holder with water to keep the knife holder clean and wash your face with water and apply aftershave, an aluin stick or coconut oil.

Content & size

You will receive one safety razor set, containing 1 razor, 1 razor blade and 1 holder in compact blue travel case.

Or in case you already own the safety rasor itself, you can order a set of 5 blades.


The safety razor is made from Titanium alloy and fine electroplating. The travel case is made of recycled plastic.

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