Shaving soap bar men


✔ Eco-friendly

✔ Zero waste

✔ Durable

Where can I use this shaving bar for?

Suitable for men's facial care and for helping them to shave their beards and mustaches.

How does it work? 

The shaving soap bar creates rich foam that does not dry on the face. It will make the skin become more soft, supple and glossy, so that it is easier to shave. It gives you a comfortable feeling when shaving.

Why use a Shaving bar in stead of regular shaving foam?

The disc-like shape and small size make the soap easily stored and convenient to use. Besides that it is also better for the environment, due to the fact that it does not come in a bottle or spray can. It is also very light weight and can be taken has hand-luggage.

Content & size

You will receive one Shaving soap bar for men in black of 100 gram or white 45 gram. 


Our white 45 gram shaving soap bar consists of the following ingredients:

  1. P9220 soap granules: 90%
  2. Goat milk: 7.8%
  3. Tourmaline powder: 0.9%
  4. Refined glycerin: 0.6%
  5. Vitamin E: 0.3%
  6. Distilled water: 0.3%
  7. EDTA4Na: 0.1%