Homemade sugarscrub


✔ Handmade in the Netherlands

✔ Zero waste

✔ 100% natural ingredients

Content & size

You will receive one homemade sugarscub in a reusable glass jar. We have 5 different sugarscrubs: 

  • Our sugarscrub Cinnamon is made for exfoliating your feet and is anti-bacterial, made with soothing sheabutter.
  • Our sugarscrub Mint is invigorating for body and hands.
  • Our sugarscrub Grapefruit, Orange stimulates the body and hands, for oily skin.
  • Our sugarscrub Brown Cane, Sweet Orange for body and hands.
  • Our sugarscrub Cacao, Honey, Lemongrass for body and hands.

The jar is 8 x 10 cm. 

Please stir before you apply it on your skin, to make sure all ingredients are mixed well.


  • Sugarscrub Cinnamon: cinnamon, sheabutter and granulated sugar.
  • Sugarscrub Mint: olive oil, coconut oil, granulated sugar and mint essential oil.
  • Sugarscrub Grapefruit, Orange: granulated sugar, olive oil, grapefruit peel and orange peel.
  • Sugarscrub Brown Cane, Sweet Orange: brown fairtrade sugar, olive oil and orange peel.
  • Sugarscrub Cacao, Honey, Lemongrass: cocao powder, honey, olive oil and lemon grass essential oil.