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Cynthia feld
4 years ago

This product is awesome! I live in South Florida where the humidity is off the charts and I am in the salt water every weekend numerous times. After using this my hair is nice and smooth and not frizzy from the humidity

Lena M
4 years ago

Two things:
1. Absolutely amazing product - my hair is super dry from sand and sun (I leave almost in the desert). I was a bit skeptical first but became an absolute advocate of the product - it does make a huge difference. Due to the delays in deliveries it took some time to get one so I did not use it for a week and it was an absolute disaster. If there is one thing which I will still keep using for my hair is this one. You know these Instagram / Pinterest hair of models? This is how my hair looks like now.
2. Customer service - I have never seen anywhere service better then this. Extremely flexible, personal, I asked them to change my delivery to differ be locations (since my travel plans changed), asked to cancel and change the order few times. Everything is done fast and with a smile. Personal and attentive approach. If there is a company which will keep loyal customers it is this one.

4 years ago

Ich bin sehr zufrieden, Shampoos sind super und habe mehrere Produkte bestellt. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!

4 years ago

I ordered the PURC Shampoo bar seaweed and the conditioner bar coconut. I use the Shampoo bar every other day and the conditioner bar once a week. I am really satisfied and will never go back to bottled shampoo again!