Vegan hair care products

All our hair care products are vegan, we offer shampoo bars, har masks, hair pomade, color wax, hair growth oil and bottled shampoo and conditioner. 

Vegan shampoo & conditioner

Our shampoos and conditioners are are all vegan. You can choose one of the 11 types of 100% natural shampoo bars we have in stock. Each shampoo bar has unique characteristics, like different smell, ingredients and different effect. Or maybe you would rather use a bottled shampoo or conditioner, we have those as well and they are all vegan.

Vegan hair masks

The hair masks we have for sale are all vegan. We have hair masks for different types of hair and in different volumes. Choose the hair mask that is right for your hair type. 

Vegan color wax

Our 24 hour hold color wax is vegan as well. We offer this color wax in 7 different colors. Choose the color that matches your style of combine colors and create your own unique look.

Vegan hair pomade

The hair pomade we offer is perfect to create a retro 50s look but also to create a modern hair style and last but not least it is vegan! What more do you want, right?

Vegan hair growth oil

Also vegans can suffer from early hair loss, some might not care and and go proudly into the wide world with their bald heads, other might feel shame and prefer a sollution. The PURC hair growth oil offers this sollution for eveyone, vegan and non vegan. Try it now and judge yourself.