Baby & Toddler

Wooden Montesori / educational toys

We offer a small selection of safe wooden teething and educational Montesori toys for baby's and toddlers. All our wooden toys are non-toxic, BPA free and made of high quality durable wood. 

Zero waste baby and toddler hygiene products

Try our zero waste baby and toddler washable diapers and inserts to reduce the amount of waste you produce. No more unnecessary waste after you change your babies diaper, simply wash the diaper, let it dry and reuse it! Besides the environmental benefit it also has a huge cost benefit, since every mom knows how much diapers cost and how many of them we use each day, week, month, year... Investing in reusable washable diapers will safe you a lot of money and shopping time ;-). 

Zero waste breastfeeding pads

We also offer a zero waste sollution for the moms who choose to breastfeed their baby's. We offer the silicone breast milk collector pads, for those of you who do not wish to spill any of that precious breast milk. Besides silicone pads we also offer washable breast pads you can use to prevent leaking of the milk into your bra and clothes. Those washable pads can also be used as make-up remover pads, which gives them a double function. This means you can keep using them after you stop breastfeeding!


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