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Besides hair care products PURC also sells home and garden accessories. Our home and garden products are eco-friendly. We sell zero waste products made of bamboo and other natural materials like luffa and corn starch. We offer products made of recycled materials and even biodegradable materials.

Safe the planet

Safe the planet by using the PURC home and garden products. By reducing the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis we can help our environment. PURC replaces plastic by reusable silicone products, biodegradable products and zero waste products made of natural materials like bamboo. 

Why is it so important to reduce the use of plastic?

The amount of plastic waste we produce is huge and plastic takes years to break down. With 250 kilos of plastic, every second of every day, that comes into the sea, this is a huge environmental problem and we can help to reduce this amount.

How long does it take for plastic to break down?

Different types of plastic products take different periods of breaking down:

  • Plastic soda bottles take 5 -10 years to break down.
  • Plastic bags: 60 - 90 years to break down.
  • Sandwich bags are made of polyethylene (PE) film and it takes at least 1000 years before polyethylene is broken down naturally.

Change begins with you!

Waiting for the government, supermarkets or your friends and family to change won't do the trick, if you want to make a change you have to start by doing something yourself. Start replacing everyday products like sandwich bags, plastic bags, foil, even toothbrushes with natural, biodegradable or silicone products you can make the change. A world without plastic would be ideal, but unreal for now. So make sure you sort your waste. Sorted plastic can be recycled and reused, this of course is not the sollution for the environmental consequenses, but preventing new plastic to be produced is a step in the right direction.

Spread the word!

Let people know how bad plastic is for the environment and make them aware of what they can do to make a change. Spread the word on a zero waste lifestyle today!


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