Natural deodorant "Lekkerineenpotje" neutral smell


🌱 Vegan

🌱 Zero waste

🌱 Plant-based

🌱 100% natural

~ New packaging ~

What is "Lekkerineenpotje" natural deodorant - neutral?

"Lekkerineenpotje" natural deodorant is a spreadable deodorant based on baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter. It prevents odours without clogging your pores. Last but not least, this product comes in zero waste packaging!

Benefits of "Lekkerineenpotje" natural deodorant - neutral

This deodorant is 100% vegetable and of course not tested on animals.

  • 100% natural and vegetable-based
  • Odourless
  • Doesn't leave stains in your clothes
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

How to use and store "Lekkerineenpotje" deodorant?

Use: apply a daily amount the size of a pea in both armpits. Store at room temperature.

This pot contains enough deodorant for about 120 fresh armpits.

Content and weight

30 Gram


Purification salt: kills bacteria and thus prevents unwanted odors.
Organic corn starch: vegetable binder.
Organic shea butter: incredibly moisturizing for your skin and makes the deodorant creamy.
Organic coconut oil: ensures that the deodorant is well lubricated.
Rapeseed wax: ensures that the deodorant does not melt at warmer temperatures
Vitamin E: we put it in for shelf life and it is also good for your skin.
Sunflower oil: This is the carrier oil of the vitamin E.
Essential oils.

So all this is NOT in there:

animal ingredients

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