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Are you interested in buying PURC Dye Wax, but still have some unanswered questions, check out our Q&A list below.

What is PURC Dye Wax?

PURC Dye Wax is a temporary color wax that can be used to style your hair, just like a regular wax, however it contains color. We have 7 different colors for you to choose from: green, blue, gold, silver-grey, white, red-pink and purple.

How do I apply it? 

You can apply PURC Dye Wax just like any other wax to towel dry or dry hair. The more wax you use the brighter the color will be.

How long does the color last?

After you apply PURC Dye Wax to your hair, the styling and color will last up to 24 hours.

How can I remove it from my hair? 

Removing PURC Dye Wax from your hair is easy, just wash your hair with shampoo and it’s gone! Simple as that ;-).

Do you always have PURC Dye wax in stock? 

We try to always keep enough of each color in stock, in case we have an unexpected rise in sales, it might occur that the color of your preference is sold out. In that case, please do not hesitate to ask us about the restock date.

I want to sell PURC Dye Wax in my salon/shop, do you also offer this product at wholesale prices? 

Great to hear you like PURC Dye Wax and would like to sell it in your salon / shop. To answer your question: Yes! We sell PURC Dye Wax to other companies as well. Just send us an e-mail with the quantities you would like to order and your company address so that we can offer you the best price.

What are the 6 functions of PURC Dye wax?

PURC Dye wax has 6 different functions:
  1. It dyes your hair temporarily in a vibrant color;
  2. It makes your hair soft and shiny;
  3. It is rich in peptides and makes your hair softer;
  4. It does not irritate the scalp and is therefor safe to use;
  5. It is easy to remove by simply washing your hair;
  6. It is not damaging to your hair.

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